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Are you Lost ?

Are you a "Checked Out" Dad with no time or energy?

Has your Spouse lost respect for you?

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It is Time to become an Alpha Dad!

Are you TIRED of your:

• Lack of Energy and not being at an optimal mental and physical fitness level

• Constant Grind and unable to be present/participate with Family?

• Not being a Role Model for your kids

• Not able to Spend Time with / be at kids’ events because of work

• Not being an Effective Partner to your significant other?

If so...

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What if You Could.....

  • Get stronger Spiritually, Physically, Emotionally, Mentally,

    and Financially

  • Be the Father and Partner YOU would want

  • Create work/life balance to be a great Dad and Partner

  • Be the Role Model and ideal Father for your kids

  • Create Positive and Productive Atmosphere at home

  • Move from having a “Roommate” to Dating your Spouse again

Strength - Peace - Leadership


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Speaker, Marathoner & Entrepreneur

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Michael has started multiple revenue-generating companies both in the U.S. and Europe. After hitting rock-bottom and being crippled by the mental and physical effects of fear, he strives to share his experiences and techniques on how he overcame that fear with others. He is the host of the Crushing Your Fear Podcast and has learned to conquer fear through examining it, learning from it, leaving the past behind, and adopting gratitude and a positive outlook for the future. He's also an avid marathoner, using running as a powerful way to manage the mind and conquer his own fear.

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