Real Talk - Are you...

  • Feeling LOST?

  • A "Checked out Dad" with NO TIME or ENERGY?

  • Lacking RESPECT at home?

If the answer is YES to any of these...

It's time for a change.

Minimize Stress - Maximize Success

Grab your copy of my free Alpha Dad Life Audit.

You'll know EXACTLY where to start in the FIVE PILLARS of SUCCESS!

As Fathers and Husbands, we focus OUTWARD most of the time rather than focusing INWARD FIRST to get ourselves stronger so we can effectively help others.

Are You TIRED of Your:

  • Lack of Energy and not being at an optimal mental and physical fitness level

  • Constant Grind and unable to be PRESENT and participate with Family?

  • Lacking RESPECT at home?

  • Not being a ROLE MODEL for your kids?

  • Not able to SPEND TIME with kids because of Work?

  • Not being an EFFECTIVE PARTNER to your significant other?

The methods outlined in the Life Audit Guide have been responsible for transitioning my world from a

life of despair into a life of abundance.

With This FREE Resource, You’ll Discover...

Benefit #1

Find out what you can do to Optimize WHO you are and HOW you are showing up

Benefit #2

Identify the 5 Areas of Focus to change your mental, physical and spiritual health

Benefit #3

With your new insight, make a BIG Impact in your life and the lives of others

Imagine - What if you could....

  • Get stronger Spiritually, Physically, Emotionally, Mentally,and Financially

  • Be the Father and Partner YOU would want

  • Create work/life balance to be a great Dad and Partner

  • Be the Role Model and ideal Father for your kids

  • Create Positive and Productive Atmosphere at home

  • Move from having a “Roommate” to Dating your Spouse again

Without the Life Audit Guide, you'll waste your time with guessing how to get out of your mess and then wondering where it all went wrong

With the Life Audit Guide, you'll eliminate all the guesswork and will never again waste time or money in your pursuit towards being an Alpha Dad and Rock Star Partner!

Hello, I’m Michael.

I thought I had it all....I had the Wife and 3 kids, the House in a great neighborhood, and my business was growing.

But I was STILL unhappy....I felt LOST and WEAK

Then the Financial Pressures mounted which put HUGE Stress on Myself and My Family.

And ended up in a Divorce and Losing EVERYTHING! No more Family... No more Home... No more Business

So, I had 2 choices:

Crawl up in a corner and say "My Life is Over" -OR- Rise up and Reinvent Myself

I chose the latter.

Through my struggle, I developed the FIVE Pillars that can help EVERY Dad and Husband become their BEST SELF.

I've spent the past decade going from Divorced and losing EVERYTHING to becoming the Father and Partner I always wanted to be.

Is that something YOU want?

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Minimize Stress - Maximize Success

© Alpha Dad Project 2023. All Rights Reserved.

© Alpha Dad Project 2023. All Rights Reserved.